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302 clevor pistons

02.05.2021 302 clevor pistons

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302 clevor pistons

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Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted November 19, Depends on a lot of factors like valve size, cam specs and piston height. Some Clevors have been built with 2V heads and mild cam specs that didn't require any piston mods.


I know Ross and KB both offer flattops in that compression height. Depending on how much compression you're looking at, and existing component dimensions, according to my a quick calculation, you would have to deck the block to arrive at a 0 deck.

At minimum you will need notching with that much lift. I can't guess at the depth, cam duration affect the clearance also. I'll do you one better on another formula with a safe bolt together low buck combo. That's a little more clearance than I usually like but some W blocks are only 9.

Like I said, you have to check your block.Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Home Help Login Register. Hello to all, I have finally decided to go ahead and build myself a Clevor for my B2 car; many of you recommended this a few years ago.

Anyway, I have been reading and researching a lot about it. I have had my head around this quite a lot and have not been able to figure out or understand what I need to do clearly.

Many of you have Clevor engines yourselves and I know there is nowhere better to go for this.

302 clevor pistons

I have a standardI have a 4V Cleveland, I have a very very tight budget. The cleveland's crankshaft gave up and it is time to put an engine back together for my Boss car. Do I need Boss Pistons? Can I use C pistons? This guy online said he did, but they would be way too high and stick out of the block 0. Using the crankshaft with the connecting rods at 5. I am sorry if I do not make any sense, I am obviously very confused and my head has given up. I know custom pistons are very expensive to have made, which might make me give up on the idea of building the Clevor at all.

Trick Flow® PowerPort® Forged Pistons for Ford Clevor

Also, I have other questions about this build, Would you recommend me starting a separate thread or post them here as we go on? Thank you all in advance for stopping by and helping me out as usual. AKboss Member Posts: We just did a clevor and had to have custom pistons made. Couldn't find anyone that produces them anymore. Speed Pro was supposed to have them but they were out of stock and then they called their overseas manufacturer in Asia to find out when they might be getting more.

They were discontinued. Tried calling CHP but they weren't quite as personal. If your on a tight budget. I would think it would be much cheaper for you to rebuild the 73 Cleveland unless the block has been damaged. New crank,rods,pistons valve job and a good cam, fine tune the dist and carb and your set.

Ford Clevor 302 build

And I would not put a CompCams in Any car.A validation email will be sent to all new users. Read this. Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. News: A validation email will be sent to all new users. Home Help Login Register. Hello gents, After a lot of emails and help CompCams has come up with a camshaft for my combo. I am not the happiest with their customer service since they have messed up my order twice already and after offering a discount they are now saying they won't honour it.

I strongly believe it is sales reps that are simply making all the decisions and aren't responsible for the mistakes they make.

On that note Compression Ratio: Between 8. Air intake spacer: 2 inch phenolic carb spacer for air speed.

302 clevor pistons

I want to make it a better street engine with loads of pulling power and torque. Light-to-light burnout performance, basically. I do not mind a choppy idle at all though! Thanks in advance! I would contact Cam Research Corp.

Head Technical Inspector and Pacecar Driver.

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That's the Best advise! Get other opinions tooWhat can you tell me about this? This improves cylinder filling and overall power. The Clevor is similar to the Boss It consists of a Windsor block outfitted with Cleveland cylinder heads.

Unlike the old days, many off-the-shelf components are available for the Clevor. The will require an aftermarket block with a 4. A stock block with a 4. The bore spacing 4.

302 clevor fox

Unique pistons are necessary to clear the canted valves and match the Windsor deck height. An aftermarket intake manifold is also needed. Depending on the intake manifold you use, coolant passages must either be drilled into the front of the cylinder heads or into the intake mounting surface.

A wet intake coolant crossover in the front of the intake requires coolant passage holes to be drilled into the intake face at the ends of the cylinder heads. Because of this, pistons with Cleveland-style valve reliefs and a Windsor compression height are required.

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This used to mean that custom-order pistons were needed, but because of the popularity of the Clevor, companies like Trick Flow Specialties now offer off-the-shelf pistons for the combination. Trick Flow also offers performance aluminum Cleveland heads. These heads are available in cc as-cast, and cc or cc CNC-machined intake volumes. They come prepped to make the Clevor transformation easier, with coolant passages in the heads threaded to accept pipe plugs and pilot dimples for locating the correct drill points.

Trick Flow also manufactures carbureted and fuel-injected intake manifolds for based Clevor combinations in operating ranges from 1, rpm. These intakes are dry and will require a water crossover kit.

With the ample availability of Windsor blocks, cranks, and camshafts mated to modern high-flow aluminum Cleveland heads, building a pump gas Clevor engine that makes well over horsepower with gobs of torque has never been easier.

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302 clevor pistons

Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. New posts. Search forums. Thread starter brianproctorla Start date Nov 27, JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Jan 30, 50 0 0. I have a bare Boss block. It is my understanding that the Cleveland heads machined for water openings mated with a boss intake will work.

Is this the same machining used with a regular block with a Clevor setup? Hearne New Member. Sep 29, 11, 4 0 south louisiana Visit site.This is the next step up when W heads just don't get it done.

Performing the swap requires some minor machining and a special intake manifold to mate the Cleveland-style heads to the Windsor block. Bush Performance Engines has picked up the rights to produce the manifolds so they are once again available, except for the Street Boss, for building street or track versions of the Clevor small-block. To understand what it takes to build a C-headed small-block Ford, you need to know the differences between the Windsor-style and Cleveland-style engines.

The C was available two basic ways: with four-barrel heads with large ports and closed wedge chambers, or with two-barrel heads with smaller ports and open chambers. The 4V heads perform best at high revs, making the most of those huge intake ports and high-compression wedge chambers. It does not make a good street head because torque is available only at high rpm. The 2V heads sport smaller, more street-friendly intake ports and open chambers for lower compression, facts that make the 2V head more useful on the street where good low-end torque is needed.

The 2V head was also used on the later M and M engines. This head has huge ports and closed, high-compression wedge chambers. The larger ports work best at high rpm because that's where we have air velocity, which makes torque. Closed chambers yield higher compression ratios, which means power.

The C-2V head is designed for low-rpm street use. It's perfect for a street driver because the smaller ports provide air velocity at lower engine speeds.

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Again, air velocity makes torque. The larger, open chambers yield a lower compression ratio for use with today's pump gas.

With the right piston, you can achieve The Australian Cleveland head offers the best of both worlds--smaller ports like the C-2V head for low-end torque and closed wedge chambers like the C-4V head for power increases. Aussie heads are also available from Bush Performance. Bush closes off the C water passage between the head and the block. The two C head types call for two types of pistons--one for a closed-wedge chamber and another for an open-chamber design.

The C-4V piston is the same basic slug used in the ''70 Boss engine because the Boss head is virtually the same as the C-4V head except for water-passage differences.

The '69 Boss was actually the first application, from the factory, of the C-4V heads on a Windsor block. Your mission determines head selection. For the street, choose the C-2V heads with the Street Boss intake.

For track use, step up to the C-4V heads with the Track Boss single-plane intake. When we left off last night in our Week To Wicked Mustang LX Sport project, we had just removed the stock engine and transmission and installed most of the Maximum Motorsports suspension. The first step is installing full-length Fox-body Mustang subframe connectors from Maximum Motorsports to our LX hatchback. Readers share the story and pictures of their muscle Mustangs and fast Fords.

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Jim Smart. Photo Gallery View Photo Gallery. Connect With Us. Stay informed with our Newsletter Sign Up Now. Most Popular. View More Girls.See all 13 photos. Scott likes the small-block Ford platform because of its great cylinder head design and knew he could whip up a stout competitor with some hardcore time on the dyno and by selecting the proper parts.

Scott told us that Cylinder Head Innovations CHI is always happy to work with engine builders in developing performance packages, and they, "seemed to be the top of the food chain for that RPM range.

302 Clevor question

While Windsor took over in the States, Australian production of the Cleveland continued on until the early s, and remaining stocks of the engine were used in new trucks until MPG heads tried several varieties of CHI heads and found the one the worked best for the competition parameters, developing a port shape and five-axis CNC-porting both the heads and intake.

The resulting ports offer both high flow and high efficiency, delivering flow at modest lift levels. Scott grinds his own cams using billet steel blanks, so he had plenty of opportunity to try different duration and lift, but found that increasing lift from his chosen. The heads are so efficient didn't need much lift to get the job done. Come competition day, the hot-rodded Ford averaged Scott was pleased with the peak number, as his testing was done in his Colorado shop.

The 6,foot elevation isn't conducive to big numbers, "I was surprised that at the lower altitude the engine kept making power. Here's how Scott Main and Jay Kidwell built a streetable, repeatable recipe. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.


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